Residential Plumbing Services

Looking for the best Brevard plumbing repair contractor? Look no further!

Orange Plumbing, Inc provides expert residential plumbing repair service for home owners, landlords, tenants, and builders. We handle any problem you can think of – total replumbing, blocked toilets, kitchen sink installation, faucet replacement, large leaks, small leaks, pipe replacements, flooding, overflowing toilets, dishwasher installation and more. We literally do it all!

If you’re wondering if we can help, the answer is yes! With over 30 years of experience offering plumbing services to Brevard County, we are able to help you with any plumbing problem you have.

Emergency Plumber at Your Service

When a plumbing emergency crops up, you don’t have time to wait a week for help! You need help immediately, and you need the emergency plumbing contractor who calls you to be competent and have the proper licensing and experience to handle the problem the first time, and do it right.

We have seen emergencies of all kinds – blocked toilets, overflowing and leaking sinks, overflowing toilets, leaking water heater, busted or compromised pipes – you name it.

Don’t rely on a bucket under your kitchen sink while you wait for a plumber to come and take care of your plumbing emergency! Call Orange Plumbing, Inc, the best emergency plumber in Brevard County. We will arrive quickly, tools at the ready. No matter what your plumbing emergency, we are ready to help you.

Home Plumbing Leak Detection

While some leaks are obvious and easily located, many leaks are much more difficult to detect. They can take place behind walls and cause damage to flooring and walls. Usually even these leaks can be located fairly easily and are spotted when damage first begins.

But leaks underground can be very difficult to detect. Leaks beneath the foundation of your home can cost you thousands of dollars in water bills and create issues with water pressure inside the home.

Here are some signs you may have a leak beneath your home:

  • Your water bills remain unreasonably high even though you’re working hard to conserve it.
  • Your water bills are higher than the average price for a home your size in your area.
  • Your water pressure is continually low.

If you see any of these signs, it’s important to call in a leak detection expert to determine the source of the water loss. Orange Plumbing uses the most advanced leak detection available on the market today. We utilize advanced technology to locate the source of your leak.

Our cutting edge leak detection cameras allow us to thread our camera down into your pipes. When the source of the leak is detected, we can reveal the footage to you instantly and show you the source of your problem. You don’t have to wait for an answer, and you shouldn’t have to! Let us fix the cause of your problem before you lose any more water.


Do I need to repipe my Florida home?

The pipes in your home are a little older. Maybe they’ve sprung a leak and caused you some challenges. You’re wondering whether you should repipe.

The good news is that even with small plumbing issues springing up, having your home fully repiped may not necessary. There are a few key things to think about when deciding whether to repipe your Florida home, including the age of your pipes, the type of original piping, how many issues you have faced, and the quality of the original piping job.

Often, Orange Plumbing, Inc can fix your plumbing problem without needing to repipe your home. We will never recommend full-home repiping unless it is truly necessary. We only provide the services you need and never upsell you. That said, there are a few instances when repiping makes sense.

Age of Piping and Problems to Watch For

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. Even pipes wear out their long life span, and will eventually need to be replaced. Brass, copper or galvanized steel pipes can last anywhere from 20 – 50 years. Cast iron can last 75 years and PVC can last indefinitely. This is an impressive time span, however, it’s important to keep tabs on the status of your pipes.

Florida’s Piping Problems

While your pipes may possibly be able to last to their full potential life span, there are many factors that can cause piping to become compromised. In Florida especially, we have a very specific set of challenges that can affect plumbing and piping.

Hurricanes, tornados and lightening are all prevalent in Florida. Hurricanes and tornados bring strong winds that challenge many different areas of a home. Lightening hits, and when close, the power of the strike can go right through your home. Strikes like these can loosen piping, affecting fittings or causing weak spots or cracks in your pipes.

Keep an Eye on Your Pipes

Where possible, keep an eye on your pipes. Do they show any signs of cracking or leaking? Are your floors, cabinets or baseboards beginning to warp or bow? Is there any kind of moisture or mold on your walls? Finally, is your water bill high, even though you’ve been working to conserve water (a sign of a potential leak literally draining your bank account)?

These are all signs you never want to ignore. Call Orange Plumbing, Inc right away if you see any of these issues. We can assess the pipes in your home and give you an idea of when you may want to consider replacing them to avoid the costly damages that a leak can bring.

I Have Polybutelene Piping. Do I Need New Pipes?

If you have polybutylene pipes in your home, you are not alone. It has been estimated that polybutylene pipes were installed in as many as 6 million homes in Florida. Polybutylene pipes were installed in Florida homes from the 1970’s into the 1990’s.

These pipes are highly susceptible to chlorine additives in the common water supply. In the 80s and 90s, plumbers in Florida began to see issues come up with polybutylene piping. At first, the connectors began to loosen causing the pipes to separate and cause extensive damages. Some changes were made to the pipe connectors, from copper to plastic. The pipes stopped separating, but after several years, the pipes began to corrode or even disintegrate.

As time has gone on, we have seen many plumbing emergencies and hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages done to residential and commercial properties due to polybutylene pipes. Most insurance companies will not write a water damage policy for a home with these pipes because the likelihood they will leak is extremely high.

When it comes to the likelihood of a polybutylene piping failure, it is not a matter of if the pipes will fail, but rather when they will fail. If you have polybutylene piping, we recommend you replace these pipes sooner than later. We have affordable full home repiping that includes an X year warranty. Call Orange Plumbing, Inc to schedule a quote for your polybutylene piping replacement today.


New residential development plumbing? We work with Builders!

Orange Plumbing, Inc has contracted with builders throughout Brevard County to provide outstanding affordable plumbing installation to new homes. We offer the most updated plumbing options that will last for years and ensure your homes have no claims or warranty issues. We have a list of builders we have worked with we can provide. Our outstanding work in the community on both the residential and commercial levels has stood the test of time! Contact Orange Plumbing, Inc today to learn how we can help you with your residential plumbing new home needs..

Faucet installation, new toilet install? No job is too small!

When it’s time to do the dishes, you want to love the look and function of your faucet. Maybe it isn’t working or isn’t as aesthetically appealing as you want. We can replace your faucet and upgrade your kitchen sink experience in no time!

Are you ready for a little more comfort in the bathroom? Maybe you’d like to add a taller toilet or one with more functionality, or maybe it’s just time for an upgrade. We will replace your toilet, haul away the old one, and make sure that it is working perfectly. Call Orange Plumbing, Inc to upgrade your plumbing fixtures today.

Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry Room Remodeling? Need plumbing for a home addition? We Plumb That!

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom? We plumb that! When your current home is almost perfect, but needs an upgrade, call Orange Plumbing, Inc. We can help you add another showerhead to your master bedroom shower so two people can stay warm at one time! If you want to change the location of your kitchen sink, add or remove a kitchen island, move your refrigerator, add a gas cooktop stove, add gas connection, or move pipes, we can help. We handle all needed plumbing renovations.

Do you need new plumbing for your home addition? We plumb that!

Your home is almost perfect but lacking a little space.

You’re ready to add a bathroom so everyone can establish their comfort and cleanliness without having to wait for the bathroom.

Maybe you need to plan and add a mother-in-law suite to your home.

We see and handle these scenarios continually. We have expertise in running new pipes from existing plumbing so you can rest easy knowing your whole home has the best possible quality plumbing.


Gas Installation Can Improve Your Home

Adding a gas connection to your home can be an affordable way to increase the value of your house. Adding gas lines requires a master plumber with years of experience and expertise in gas lines. Trust Orange Plumbing, Inc to handle all your gas plumbing needs.

Gas cooktops and ovens are known to be among the most preferred forms of cooking appliances by industry experts. Home buyers prefer homes that offer gas cooktops for these reasons, especially individuals who enjoy cooking and baking. Gas cooktop installation will be a breeze with Orange Plumbers.

Gas driers are another great addition for your house! Gas driers tend to dry in as little as half the time of a standard electric drier. On top of that, they run hotter than gas driers, so they can save time load per load. A new gas drier is a great reason to add or retrofit a gas line.

Install a pool warmer or add a gas outdoor grill or fire pit!

In Florida, outdoor weather is here 365 days a year. Your outdoor space is your haven and respite, your additional entertaining space and your spot for fun in the sun. Add a little heaven to your outdoor space! Add a gas line to run to your new grill or to add heating for your in ground swimming pool.

New Pool Plumbing and Pool Slab Leak Repair

When you want to add a swimming pool to your yard, you may not immediately consider the plumbing involved. Ensure your new pool has top of the line, professionally installed plumbing so you never have to face regrets or headaches in the future!

Do you have a leak in your swimming pool costing you tons of money that must be repaired? Orange Plumbing, Inc can fix any pool leak and get you back out enjoying the water in no time.

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