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Orange Plumbing, Inc has provided services to major commercial buildings and businesses throughout Brevard county for X years. We have handled installations, major plumbing repair issues requiring massive plumbing overhauls, along with small maintenance issues and minor plumbing emergencies. Our reputation is stellar and we work hard to provide an outstanding product that will give our clients satisfaction, security and long term protection against leaks and water damage.

Orange Plumbing, Inc has done extensive plumbing with commercial buildings throughout the county including:

  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Patrick Air Force Base
  • McDonald's
  • Subway
  • Hungry Howie's
  • TD Bank
  • Parrish Hospitals

Best Brevard Commercial Plumbing Installations!

When you are looking to plumb a new commercial or municipal building, look no further than Orange Plumbing, Inc. With our extensive commercial experience, we are prepared to assess and create the best possible plumbing system for your new property. Orange Plumbing, Inc has the expertise and relationships, not to mention the stellar reputation, to deliver the best possible, most affordable plumbing to your new commercial structure.

Orange Plumbing, Inc understands commercial regulations.

When it comes to commercial plumbing services, there are extensive regulations that must be followed. Only a master commercial plumbing contractor is prepared for the complexity that is inherent in an airport, hospital, restaurant or bank. Not only do we have the proven experience and excellent track record, we have established relationships and connections in the community that allow us to move through the regulatory process quickly and efficiently. You can trust that when our work is complete, your building is fully up to code and meets all the local and state plumbing regulations and requirements.


Plumbing in a Hospital Requires a Skilled Plumbing Contractor

Orange Plumbing, Inc has worked with hospitals in the Brevard County to provide master-level skilled plumbing in the healthcare environment. Plumbing in a hospital is one of the most complex forms of plumbing, and not every plumbing contractor is up to the task.

When a plumber maintains a hospital, he becomes more than a simple plumber. He becomes a healthcare worker. That means his mission is no longer simply to provide the best possible plumbing. It is to help ensure the best care for patients. This requires a high attention to detail, an awareness of patients as customers, a strict understanding of safety protocol and cleanliness. Preventing the spread of infection is a primary challenge for hospitals. Orange Plumbing, Inc. understands this and is committed to being a part of your caregiving team each and every time we set foot on your hospital campus.

As plumbers with a history of working with healthcare providers in the area, we are committed to your mission. In addition, we have the expertise and know how to provide even the most complex plumbing services for your hospital.

Leak Detection is Critical for Commercial Plumbing

The nature of commercial plumbing is complex and requires extensive knowledge, experience and equipment. Buildings are often multiple stories and include plumbing to multiple floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other plumbing based on the type of business housed within the structure. Often it can be difficult to tell where a leak is coming from.

Some clues that you need plumbing service on your commercial property can include the following:

  • Water bills may rise or remain high even after extensive efforts at reducing overuse.
  • You may hear running water after faucets have been turned off and the water should no longer be running.
  • Floors, walls or ceilings may become moist or even soggy.
  • Mildew can begin to appear in patches.

Any sign of a leak is not something you want to ignore. It is important to protect your investments – both your building and your business. Our trained experts use the latest technology and methods in leak detection to locate the cause of any leak. We can isolate the issue and repair specific areas, whether they are hidden in the walls, running through the attic, hiding beneath your structure or running underground.


Only Trust Experienced Leak Detection Experts

When it comes to commercial leak detection, it is important to hire an experienced commercial plumber. Locating leaks under concrete, in water main lines, in walls, or in sewer lines requires expertise. Orange Plumbing, Inc. uses the most advanced technology available to locate leaks. But technology can only go so far. The Orange Plumbing expert who will arrive at your facility to locate a leak will have years of experience diagnosing plumbing problems, working with leak detection technology, and creating a strategy for fixing your issue promptly and affordably.

You wouldn’t want someone inexperienced reading your MRI results to you! And you don’t want an amateur attempting to find and diagnose the leak in your commercial facility. Apartments, restaurants, hospitals, strip malls, grocery and drug stores, and other commercial facilities have relied on Orange Plumbing, Inc. for leak detection in Brevard County for years. You can trust Orange Plumbing, Inc. to provide you with prompt, expert service and the best possible leak technology on the market.

We have the expertise, tools and technology to handle even the most heavy duty repairs. With Orange Plumbing, Inc on your team, your leak will be a temporary inconvenience rather than extensive repair, an arduous claim process, and thousands of dollars lost needlessly.

Orange Plumbing, Inc Offers Camera Sewer Inspections

Our plumbing cameras are specially designed, technologically advanced, fully waterproof, and guaranteed to provide a clean visual that will allow us to fully inspect the damaged or blocked sewer lines beneath your home, commercial building and surrounding area. Our cameras are run with a flexible line. The high resolution provides a stellar image as we inspect the lines beneath your building, revealing any problem issues.

Our video imaging is instantaneous. You will not have to wait for a follow up to learn what problems may need to be addressed. Any footage acquired can be used to share with the property manager or owner to show exactly what is causing your plumbing problem.

When we inspect your commercial property, we will look for these types of issues:

  • Cracks, corrosion or other forms of damage in your pipes
  • Loose joints that may be allowing water to leak
  • Blockages in your line due to objects, debris or buildup
  • Sections of pipes that may need replacement

Once the problem has been isolated, we are able to share images with you that provide you with a visual to accompany a full detailed explanation of your root problem. We offer the best possible services to repair or address your issue, and we provide our services at competitive rates.

When it comes to advanced commercial plumbing needs, you don’t want to go with just any commercial plumbing contractor. You want to choose the one who has the equipment, knowledge and technology to locate your problem, and address it right the first time and every time.

High Pressure Water Jetting Can Save Your Pipes

In commercial buildings, issues of buildup can be as prominent and frequent as blockages due to items and articles. Grease, sand, dirt and food all contribute to buildup on the walls of pipes. Like cholesterol in arteries, these buildups can cause all kinds of plumbing havoc! The building can create issues with back-ups, overflowing, lack of drainage, and more.

Finding the best drainage solution is critical! Orange Plumbing, Inc has the powerful, state of the art equipment needed to clear the walls of your pipes. Through high pressure water jetting, we can blast out the residues that have clung to sides of your pipes. Our system of hoses and nozzles attaches, delivering blasts of water that scrub your pipes clean. It is cost effective, quick, efficient and environmentally friendly. It is great for storm drain cleaning as well!

No grease or dirt can stand a chance against our state of the art high pressure water jetting equipment! Orange Plumbing, Inc can come when you need a blockage removed, or we can come on a consistent schedule, to ensure you never have another plumbing problem due to buildup on your pipes.


We Replace Damaged or Blocked Sewer Drainage Lines

When pipes beneath the ground begin to corrode and leak, breaking down with age, or become damaged due to intrusion from tree roots or other causes, repair or replacement becomes a necessity. Orange Plumbing, Inc has extensive experience in replacing damaged or blocked sewer pipes and drainage lines. Regardless of where your sewer is located, whether in your front yard, or at the edge of a city block, Orange Plumbing, Inc can help solve your sewer drainage problem!

Orange Plumbing, Inc Offers Trenchless Repairs

The traditional method for handling the replacement of a sewer drainage line is through trenching. When a trench must be created above and around piping, concrete surrounding area must be removed so the pipe can be exposed, removed and replaced. This is an invasive but occasionally necessary process. Fortunately, today there are many trenchless alternatives to replacing sewer drainage lines.

Trenchless drain lining is an excellent and much less intrusive method for repairing your damaged sewer pipe. A new pipe is created through the process, using your old, compromised pipe as a guide. It provides a continuous form of piping, so there are no joints or clamp areas where trees can intrude. This is a far less invasive method for repairing your sewer line. Fortunately, in most cases, this method can and does work, saving the commercial property money, and providing excellent quality drainage for decades to come.

Pipe bursting is a similar technique, whereby a small hole is created near your sewer line and the new pipe is installed, breaking the old piping apart as it is inserted. This method also delivers new, quality piping without causing extensive damage to landscaping or structures.

Backflow is a No Go! Orange Plumbing, Inc Can Help!

Backflow prevention is a cornerstone in commercial plumbing. While many plumbers can handle a variety of commercial plumbing issues that crop up, backflow is one that must be handled by an expert commercial plumber who can properly install your device. A backflow device prevents water contamination or pollution. Your backflow device prevents wastewater from entering your water system and ensures your water is clean, usable and safe for all purposes including consumption.

Many areas will require commercial buildings to have a backflow device installed and inspected on an annual basis. Whether you need a backflow device, or your device needs repair or servicing, Orange Plumbing, Inc can assist you! We have the expertise, licensing and experience to assist you.

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